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Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Vital Signs:Psychological Responses to Ecological Crisis

Hi Everyone.

Exciting news, well for me anyway. The work that I do has just got a mention in the above book. Funny how things happen just when you think why am I brothering to do this, why don't I just retire on my pension and chill out. Then something like this comes along to inspire and motivate you to carry on.

Dear Geoffrey

"I much enjoyed our meeting and look forward to further conversation... The chapter I wrote which refers to you has been accepted for publication and will appear in a book called Vital Signs:Psychological Responses to Ecological Crisis, edited by Nick Totton and Mary Jayne Rust, to be published by Karnac around the turn of the year."


1 comment:

Heather L Anthony said...

Excellent, Congrats Geoffrey!