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Alex Douglas-Kane shares her experiences and understanding of Discover Nature Awareness

Friday, 10 May 2013

Nature Awareness - Underwater Experience

I was speaking with a guy who attended one of my tracking courses; he was sharing with me his experience of diving in relation to nature awareness and peripheral vision.

We were working on a tracking exercise at the time which involves connecting with the track on an energetic level in other words sensing the energy of the person or animal that left the track. We also looked at concentric rings and the messages we send out to nature and that nature sends us and how we respond to that.

He was telling me that he feels very connected and is very much at home when he is diving and that he wanted to connect with the land as much he connects with the sea. He also said that when he is diving with his wife he is aware that she is able to see the marine life approaching in her peripheral vision were as he is not able to see them approaching.

So, why is this? Well to try and bring this into perspective let me make the following statement. 'Men are better drivers at night than women' the reason for this is simple, for example let's say that men operate in tunnel vision 70% and peripheral vision 30% of the time and that women are in peripheral 70% and tunnel vision 30% of the time (these percentages by the way are to just illustrate the point and are not completely accurate).

Men in the past were the hunters and therefore needed to see long distance were as women tented the village and needed to be aware of all round danger to protect their children and indeed they still use this awareness to this very day, that’s why women can sense when someone is starting at them from behind and then catch them when they turn around, what is happening is that they are picking up on the persons intent, be it good or bad.

Therefore at night men can see further down the road than women, there are of course exceptions to the rule, there is no right or wrong about this, it is just the way things are. However, men can achieve similar results as women in peripheral we just need to practise it a bit more; this is something I have personally observed when working with men in nature with exercises such as Meet a Tree, Drum Stalk and The Earth Tree and the Invisibles.

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