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Sunday, 17 October 2010

Does anybody recognise this either in themselves or in our children?

"The late Edward Reed, an associate professor of psychology at Franklin and Marshall College, was one of the most articulate critics of the myth of the information age.

In The Necessity of Experience he wrote of , "There is something wrong with society that spends so much money, as well as countless hours of human effort - to make the least dregs of processed information available to everyone everywhere and yet does little or nothing to help us explore the world for ourselves."

None of our major institutions or our popular culture pay much notice to what Reed called "primary experience" - that which we can see, feel, taste, hear, or smell for ourselves.

According to Reed, we are beginning "to lose the ability to experience our world directly..."

Last Child in the Woods - Richar Louv
A Life of the Senses: Nature vs. the Know-It-All State of Mind
Chap 5
Page 65


romanybob said...

I think we as a race have always been delusional, getting incrementally worse as the years have rolled on. Your post reminded me of the Buddha's teachings to an extent. Maybe we need to be taught how to train and use the mind, rather than just fill it full of information? As a recovered/recovering addict I find I must remain present, with what is real. But sometimes it is a struggle...
As for my children, so true, it's a battle to get them to leave the virtual online world sometimes. Or out of there own heads to actually experience what is.
Thank you for your blog, brilliant ;)

Pathfinder said...

Hi Romany Bob

Thank you for your comments and your honesty as well as your remarks on my blog.