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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Spring Watch

Over the last few days I have become acutely aware of our birds and their song. I have come to realise how much I have missed the uniqueness of our birds. Having travelled throughout the world to see as many birds as I can, and maybe this is the Alchemist (Paulo Coelho) coming out in me, nothing can replace the sound of the skylark high up in our sky, it always reminds me of lovely spring days with a fresh breeze blowing, or the drumming of the Great-spotted Woodpecker in the distance even the chatting of our Magpies.

When I look at why the answer is simple they all come with a memory of a distant past, an association, reminding me of places and experiences I have had as a child, like my first ever Green Woodpecker I can still see it on the lawn at boarding school in Gloucestershire while I had to sit and eat them school dinners.

Sure the birds from far of countries have memories as well, but dare I say there is not really an emotional attachment to them that gives you a sense of PLACE.

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