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Friday, 6 June 2008

A Drop of Water By Luci Hammond

Picture yourself as a drop of water. Now see yourself in a vast river, surrounded by millions and millions of other droplets.

The river rolls along its journey, and you travel with it, sometimes noticing and sometimes not.

The rivers path is sometimes rocky and turbulent, but you hold on to the other drops around you, sometimes you separate, but you return and the river eases its flow. You were frightened but you knew it would bring you back.

The rivers path is sometimes gentle and calm and you have time to view the things around you, to enjoy the journey.

On this journey, you are surrounded by other droplets, but there are millions more you will never know; yet you are part of the same river.

Those around you will change, depart, return, new ones will come, and old ones will leave for good, yet they remain part of the same river.

The river may sometimes get contaminated by an external force that leaks into your very being, but the purity of the river itself will eventually bring you back to your natural clear state.

Where does the river flow? It flows to the Great Ocean. It does not choose it just flows.

Other rivers flow into the Great Ocean. Rivers filled with the energy of trees, of animals, of rocks, of plants. They all flow towards the same end.

What is the Great Ocean? It is here that all energies meet.

The universal energy

As the sun rises above the Ocean, drops evaporate and are carried back to the rivers to continue the flow of life. There is no separate human energy, no tree energy, and no plant or rock energy.

We are all one. Hold a tree and know it, for it is you.

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