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Monday, 8 September 2008

Nature Awareness once again has helped someone to discover another side to their life...

Independent Study

Quite separate from my research a smaller study on ‘Meet a Tree’ was carried out by friends of mine, during several of their workshops, they facilitated three games on separate days, the number of participants taking part and the results of each game are as follows.

1st Game: three out of three participants found their trees. 2nd Game: two out of three found their trees and in the 3rd Game: two out of three found their trees.

The following observations were made during the 1st Game the participants (known as the Bricklayer, the Roofer and the Youngman). The Bricklayer pointed out his tree immediately. The Roofer had a near miss and then went on to find his tree later, without assistance. The Youngman wandered around the woodland for a while, before correctly identifying his tree. The Bricklayer apparently formed a real bond with his tree and returned to it many times throughout the weekend workshop. He stated that his experience of ‘Meet a Tree’ had made a real impact on the direction that he would like to take his life. When the Roofer (who was successfully overcoming an alcohol issue) found his tree, he became very emotional to the point of crying. His wife stated that she had never seen him become that emotional in the 20 years that they had been together.


I have just received some feedback from my friends who carried out the above study. The bricklayer and roofer having experienced ‘Meet the Tree’ apparently decided to take a friend of theirs who suffered from agoraphobia into the woods to play ‘Meet a Tree’.

It turns out that this person has now lost their agoraphobia. I have asked for written conformation of this report. I will keep you posted.

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