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Monday, 18 May 2009

Namibia - Traditional San Bushman Shelter.

We built this traditional shelter during the day and I stayed in it that night, it was amazingly cool during the day and very warm at night.

During the night, there was a big storm and when I checked the shelter out in the morning for damage there was only a small piece of grass that had come away from it, which was pleasing.

The environment can be quite hair raising, during daylight hours if you move more than 100 meters or so you can very easily get lost. Early on in the evening, I moved no more than 50 meters from my shelter and I had become completely disorientated.
Thankfully, Stuart came to my rescue, cheers buddy.

I had a small fire inside my shelter which I fed throughout the night.
I had to leave my shelter from time to time to replenish the fire with more wood, just to deter the Hyena's and Jackals I could hear outside.

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