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Monday, 20 December 2010

Sit-spot in Northern Greece

Some would consider the Sit-spot as forest bathing or tuning in, the name is not important what is important is that you go out and find yourself a Sit-spot and spend time with nature.

I am in Greece at the moment with my friend Rob and while out looking for Bear tracks the other day with the help of our guides we went up into the mountains of Northern Greece. During our search for tracks we decided to do a Sit-spot, while Rob was doing a gratitude prayer a male Sparrowhawk swooped down through the trees and landed on a branch 10 metres away and as it watched us it became aware that I was observing it, at which point it flew off dropping down in front of us and then up and round over the back of our heads.

Rare moments like these are to be treasured, nature has blessed us with her presence, what a magical moment that was.

The Beauty of the Sit-Spot:

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