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Monday, 18 April 2011

Tree of Trust - Another reason why I love my work...

Hi Mate.

Julie sent me this, the young lady that said she could not do the exercise:

Just thought I'd share with you a poem I have written about my tree experience. Hope you like it! Feel free to share it.

Tree of Trust

I couldn’t actually see you the first time that we met.
I didn’t really want to play the game but the bar was already set.
I was lead to stand beside you, I felt your trunk, your bark,
I smelt your smell, I breathed your air, all the while in the dark.

When my turn came to find you, I really didn’t believe.
But, loyally, you guided me through the bluebells and the leaves.
I came upon a clearing and felt you call to me
But I didn’t trust myself that you could really be my tree!

But there you were, standing tall, a connection to my soul,
A feeling of complete amazement that I couldn’t control.
With all my doubt and fear, I found you in a wood of trees
But in fact if I look closer, I actually found me.


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