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Thursday, 21 April 2011

Animal Tag - In Search of the Lost Child (within)

He had all the answers, the expression I might not always be right but I am never wrong comes to mind. He was very much in his head, he was having trouble finding the other person in the circle who was sat down and asked to just imagine that she was a lost child and to send out the thought, I am here, I am lost and I need you to find me, I am scared and I need rescuing.

I asked John if he had a kid brother or sister he replied I have a small sister, OK I said imagine she is lost and she needs you to find her and bring her to safety, how would you go about finding her, get the police was his reply, or get search and rescue, I would not look for her as it is there job to do that. All perfectly reasonable answers to my questions. However, I said the emergency services are not around to help you, so I asked him to try and find her himself instead. I asked him to do this by getting into peripheral vision and to feel her energy and by trusting his feelings.

John went into the circle to find his sister (blindfolded) he walked all round the circle and many times he literally walked around where she was sat down. At times he was so close he could have reached out and touched her. Then he would wonder off in all directions. I allowed this to happen for some time, while asking him at various times to try and get out of his head and into his heart, clearly he struggled with this, and that is OK, this was a new concept for him.

Eventually I intervened, I stopped him and asked him to leave his blindfold on while I got him to re-focus, by helping him to connect with his heart. I then said to him now go and find your sister. I turned to join the rest of the group in the circle, I had only to walk a few paces by the time I turned around I heard the whole group shouting my god you did it that was amazing.

It seems from the point I had left John he had walked in a straight line to the woman playing the part of his sister. At this point I did not need to intervene as the group were doing all the work, they told him with great excitement what he had done from start to finish, they explained how his energy had change just before finding his sister.

The smile on his face was wonderful to see, he seemed to be truly enjoying the feedback from his peers, he could not believe it himself that he found someone while blindfolded. The group’s joy at him succeeding seemed to give them strength and from that moment on his attitude to his recovery had changed...

Picture from my fourth coming book: The Deer (John) is looking for her Fawn (John's sister)

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