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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Three Men and a Counsellor

One Tuesday in rehab I ran a nature awareness session in the pouring rain; we met at the meeting tree which was a lovely cherry tree. Three men turned up out of all the patients’ one of who was only 16 years old. I must admit I was surprised they came as the rain that day was quite heavy.

I informed, them that I was not on top form, in fact I felt that my fuel tank was empty and I was not sure I could be of any use to them. None the less they said they wanted to continue regardless. Little did I realise that by the end of the session it was I who got the healing, they were great they supported me and encouraged me, so much so that at the end I said to them “thanks guys you have filled my tank up spiritually”, we had a group hug and then went for a well deserved cup of tea.

Reflecting on that day, I realised they must have had a great sense of achievement ,for them to help someone who was meant to help them, which goes to prove they were well on their way to active recovery, in my mind at least… of course I have no way of knowing this as they never told me about what they had experienced.

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