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Monday, 20 June 2011

It was nice of you to put that Stag there...

My friend Stefan was out one day with a group of people in nature, some where from the city while others where from rural areas. They where asked to choose a route that they would like to walk along as part of exploring their relationship with themselves in nature.

During this time they reached a clearing and as they moved into it, they came face to face with a Stag. They stood for a while in silence watching it. Stefan then suggested that they slowly back up back into the woods and go a different way so as not to disturb the Stag.

A they discussed this experience, the city folk believed that Stefan had arranged for the Stag to be there for them to see, and some of the folk from the rural areas said, that while they lived in the countryside they had never come this close to a deer.

It is interesting that the city folk believed the Stag had been put there for them, I guess if you do not understand how it is in nature then that is just the way it is, but it also shows how far removed from nature some of us have become.

What hope for our children I wonder?

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