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Monday, 16 April 2012

Child's play not easy for modern parents, say experts By Judith Burns Education reporter, BBC News

Mother and child playing A survey suggests many parents have lost the art of playing with their children

UK parents are suffering a crisis of confidence when it comes to playing with their children, suggests a survey.
Almost half of 2,000 parents questioned said they would welcome expert help on how to play.
Some 13% felt anxious about play, while 17% admitted buying toys and video games for their children to take the pressure off themselves, it revealed.
Play campaigner Adrian Voce called on the government to develop a national play strategy.
Researchers for the drinks brand Ribena questioned 2,000 parents of children aged from three to 15 across the UK for its Ribena Plus Play Report.
The figures showed that 59% of fathers and 42% of mothers were so busy that they had fewer than five hours a week to play with their children.
'Lose the ironing'

National Trust play musts

Climb a tree
Roll down a really big hill
Camp out in the wild
Build a den
Skim a stone
Run around in the rain
Fly a kite
Catch a fish with a net
Eat an apple straight from a tree
Play conkers
Throw some snow
Hunt for treasure on the beach
Make a mud pie
Dam a stream
Go sledging
Bury someone in the sand
Set up a snail race
Balance on a fallen tree
Swing on a rope swing
Make a mud slide
Eat blackberries growing in the wild
Take a look inside a tree
Visit an island
Feel like you're flying in the wind
Make a grass trumpet
Hunt for fossils and bones
Watch the sun wake up
Climb a huge hill
Get behind a waterfall
Feed a bird from your hand
Hunt for bugs
Find some frogspawn
Catch a butterfly in a net
Track wild animals
Discover what's in a pond
Call an owl
Check out animals in a rock pool
Bring up a butterfly
Catch a crab
Go on a nature walk at night
Plant it, grow it, eat it
Go wild swimming
Go rafting
Light a fire without matches
Find your way with map and compass
Try bouldering
Cook on a campfire
Try abseiling
Find a geocache
Canoe down a river

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