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Thursday, 3 May 2012

Message from the Peregrine (Falco peregrinus).

After attending the Bird Language course in the states I went out birding for the day with a local guy called David Assmann. During our time out we had an encounter with a Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus), which I would like to share with you.

Having visited a lighthouse to see some of California’s shore birds we were returning to the car by way of 332 steps up this hill. About half way we stopped to look out over the sea when I saw a Peregrine flying straight for us at eye level, it passed us just a few feet away, it was an awesome sighting.

Later we went off to see if we could see a Snowy Plover on another part of the coast, and as we passed some reeds at the side of a large pond I became aware of two Red-winged Blackbirds calling, one was to my left and the other was to my right and at eye level, suddenly they made a sound I had not heard before and I concluded that it was an alarm, just then flying at great speed another peregrine flew straight at me and passed only inches over my head. The blackbirds were I believe using David and myself as a barrier to protect them from the falcon.

So, over the next few days I was wondering what this meant as I nearly always look for a spiritual connection with the birds that I encounter, and on my return I looked up what the Peregrine meant as a totem animal. Below is what I found.

The Falcon animal totem comes to us when we require higher vision, or higher knowledge in solving current dilemmas in our lives. 

The Falcon is a solar solar emblem for success, victory and rising above a situation.
Further evidence of its solar influence, the Falcon was symbolic of the rising sun in Egypt. It is also the king of all birds where many gods were shown with the head or body of the Falcon (including Ra).

In European tradition, the Falcon represents the huntsman and is associated with the Germanic sky-gods Wodan as well as Frigg and the trickster Loki. In European culture the Falcon is considered a warlike symbol

At its core, the Falcon animal totem represents visionary power, wisdom, and guardianship. This powerful bird awakens visionary power, and leads you to your life purpose. The Falcon carries with it a message of transition and change - perhaps in your vocation, work, career, etc.
A quick-list of falcon animal totem attributes:
  • Superiority
  • Spirit
  • Light
  • Power
  • Focus
  • Prophecy
  • Freedom
  • Aspiration
  • Intensity
  • Determination
So now that I know what this magnifcent bird represents I shall be foucusing on my passion, which if I am being honest I was doing before I went away, but this time with more clarity.

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