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Monday, 26 November 2012

The Earth Tree and the Invisibles

The Earth Tree and the Invisibles is one of the most powerful exercises I do with people.

It requires someone to be buried up to their ankles in the earth while facing a tree.

Then we then begin to explore the invisible parts of the tree that we cannot see with our eyes, from the inner bark to the far side of the tree, down into the roots and up to the top of the canopy.

During this journey of exploration people are invited to explore the invisible part of themselves in relation to the tree, and as they search their internal landscape, I encourage them explore the part of themselves that may have been triggered by the external landscape.

Is it the Parent, Adult or the Child Ego?

As we switch from our Parent, Adult to Child Ego and back again we can begin to explore deeper.

It is like excavating the inner part of ourselves and allowing our Adult Ego to become the Archaeologist.

After completing this amazing process everyone then unearths themselves and walks alone for a while in nature returning back to the warm camp fire to sit in silence until the time is right to share.

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