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Alex Douglas-Kane shares her experiences and understanding of Discover Nature Awareness

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Working with Energy

I recently had the opportunity to work with a young man taking him through the process of self-awareness out in nature, it was great because he was open to expanding his experiences of life, and this allowed me to move him further along with his awareness.

I used two items to help illustrate to him that there is more to experience than people realise. Without him actually knowing I first placed a stone in his path which he had to walk towards. He was instructed to stop when he felt it was right to do so. This he did, stopping right on top of where the stone was placed.

In the next exercise we worked with a stick, which I had marked with a knife and again without him seeing where I had placed it, he was asked to walk towards me and again to stop when he felt it was right to do so.

The interesting thing about this exercise was that he did stop, but on the spot where I had first marked the stick with my knife. I asked him to carry on; he then stopped some twenty feet further on. I asked him to stand still while I reached down to the front of his feet and pulled a stick out from the ground which I had buried there, it was of course the stick I had marked. While seeming far-fetched this is not the case, it is something we can all do, if we but open ourselves up to it. 

Sensing energy can help us in many ways, for example:

Working with addictions
Helping to find someone who may be lost
Helping us to sense danger

The main thing is that by becoming aware of greater events taking place around us, we become open to other possibilities. Here is what the young man had to say about his experience of Nature Awareness and his awareness of himself in nature.

“I think it has made me realise that you can be in tune with yourself and nature and that the idea of doing so isn't actually that absurd as many people think today. I think if I applied the concept of what we were doing to everyday life I could be a better person whose awareness is heightened thus for example enabling me to see situations as they are.
The skills you taught me are very valuable and could save my life Geoff, and I'm grateful for the times we had. One thing that you ‘opened my eyes to’ was that many people are closed off from the natural world and I think that if you are someone who enjoys nature and respects it then in ways you are rewarded in life, like having a peace of mind and being able to deal with situations in a positive way.”

When asked how he felt about the exercise this was his response...

“I still remember that purely, just because of the sheer bizarreness of the situation. You really freaked me out that day and opened my eyes when you hid the stick and did that thing with the stone. Huh...
I was just so freaked out like, no... That did not just happen. You know what I mean! Pretty cool stuff!”

This is a video I did called 'Spot the Thread' using some thread to demonstrate energy tracking.

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