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Tuesday, 8 December 2009

But I have no idea how to behave like a Rabbit...

Early this year I was helping a friend out with his year course by providing a session of Natural Awareness and it never ceases to amaze me how people respond to to these games.

While playing Animal Tag one woman who I had selected to play the part of a young rabbit told me that she had no idea how a rabbit behaves, however once she was in the circle blindfolded she immediately started to behave and move just a like a rabbit would, this was relaid to her at the end of the game by her peers and she was trilled by that.

During this game I had also given someone the task of being the mother rabbit she was also blindfolded and another person took on the role of the fox, however she was not blindfolded. What unfolded next you could not have planned, the fox immediately started to stalk the baby rabbit by getting low down, moving extremely slowing and on one occasion counter tracked while staying focused on what the mother rabbit was doing.

At the start of the game the mother instantly turned in the direction of the fox (this is not uncommon, as it also happens when people connect with their tree) and the young rabbit moving exactly like a rabbit put the mother between her and the fox by moving directly being the mother while also facing in the direction of the fox.

I find that when people take on the role of an animal all sorts of amazing things happen, which just goes to show that when we are not caught up in our own stuff and we truly let go we can achieve just about anything, for the fox and the rabbits it was about survival, and of course we all had fun exploring the events that took place a well as enjoying the games.

But I would say that.

More to come later...

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