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Alex Douglas-Kane shares her experiences and understanding of Discover Nature Awareness

Friday, 25 December 2009

My Vision is to be of service and to have a Wilderness Centre

In essence my vision is to be of service to others by working with nature, mother earth and allowing myself to be guided by my creator.

I often dream about having a place where people can come to be with nature to explore their deepest feelings, thoughts and emotions to be with others in a safe environment. This place would be a woodland with the coast near by and a fairly large river running through it with a medium sized lake, in the immediate surrounding area would be varying habitats from marsh to heath with rocky outcrops.

Here animals, birds, plants and trees would all be plentiful. On the land would be small buildings made from cob some looking like a hobbit house. I love the idea of a round door, particularly with the above symbol on it and there would be a main building say an old farm or something like that.

I would have lots of different types of workshops going on besides myself taking people on nature awareness and tracking etc. I would invite older people in men and women (these people would represent the grandmother and grandfather) with skills that they would love to pass onto our younger generation, skills that are nearly forgotten that only a master can pass on to their apprentice by taking them on an experiential journey.

This sounds a lot and perhaps unachievable, but what does it matter its the journey that is important. Of course I would love to reach my goal but whats to say I have not already reached it through the journey.

Who would this place be for? Anyone really from an addict to a young offender and Joe public, for teachers from all walks of life like and to those who teach wilderness living skills like flint knapping, basket weavers, and trackers to teachers of life like a shaman.

This place would be open to the natural flow of things and only for the good of all and to harm none.

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