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Friday, 7 May 2010

Point Last Seen: A Woman Tracker's Story by Hannah Nyala


Based on a true story, this intense made-for-television drama chronicles the courage of a search-and-rescue team leader who masters her own fears and concerns to find a nine year oldlost in the desert. Recently escaped from an abusive marriage her inner turmoil stems from the fact that her potentially dangerous ex-husband has abducted her own children, but her primary concern for the moment is to find the missing child.

Hannah turns for physical and spiritual survival to self-taught tracking in the Mojave Desert and eventually joins a National Park Service search-and-rescue team. Overshadowing Hannah‘s experience as an increasingly capable tracker is the fact that she herself is a tracked woman. For her, the ability to see a "footprint in soft grass outside a bedroom window" becomes a matter of life and death…

“In this beautifully rendered narrative, a woman reveals the art of tracking both in wilderness and in autobiography. . . .{It is} the gripping chronicle of a tracker finding herself as she looks for others." Kirkus Reviews

“Extraordinary. . . This book belongs in nature collections because of its captivating descriptions of trackers and tracking, but it also belongs in social science and women’s collections because of Nyala’s triumphs over such profound abuse. Highly recommended.” Library Journal

There is also a DVD however it in German, I recommend reading the book first then watch the film it is still powerful even I German.

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