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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

The Bow Drill and the Fire

And the Wall came a Tumbling Down...This weekend I was out walking with a friend of mine chatting about all sorts and I was reminded of something that happened to me as I was in the process of leaving the army. At the last minute of my time in the army I had decided to return to England for which I was not prepared for as I had planned to stay in Germany where my kids were living with their mother.

One day, I was walking down the main drag of camp when suddenly I stopped dead in my tracks. I then had a vision of myself surrounded by a very high thick wall and feeling trapped within it. I was experiencing feelings of panic, my mind was rushing with thoughts of what am I going to do in the UK, I have nothing planned, I have no idea how the UK functions, I felt very scared.

When suddenly the wall that surrounded me began to fall down, not brick by brick but in large clumps of masonry, I was stood there looking around me wondering what the hell was going on, then it came to me. I had nothing to be afraid of as I could choose to step over the rubble and go in any direction I wanted too, I had the freedom to choose my path, the way in which I wanted to move forward with my life.

Little knowing then where I would end up and long before I became aware of my spiritual journey.

And here I stand today, excited and scared about where my journey is taking me, all I know is that I trust my creator completely and I embrace what the future holds for me...

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