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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Till Dawn...

As night falls the moon begins to cast its shadows throughout the land, I am sitting here in the cool night air with a light breeze passing over my face. What was that? I turn to see something slipping through the trees.

My eyes adjust quickly and I relax, it's just a fox weaving its way through the trees, he appears to be wandering around, checking things out I guess. Suddenly I am joined by my partner, "you made me jump. I did not hear you coming". Once again I turn my attention to the surrounding area I am looking for something to hunt down, I am hungry and in need of food.

I decide to move on, silently and with stealth I move through the trees and out into the open fields. I will check round the edges, see what turns up. I have all the tools I need to help me hunt, I have learnt that even with my eyes closed, if I tune in I can still hunt because my awareness is in tune with my natural world.

It's been several hours now and no luck with the hunt, think I will rest up for a while till dawn and go for one more attempt at finding food. Dawn is not far off now I know this because I can hear my friends calling out far off into the woods.

As I start out to join my friends I am presented with an opportunity to make a kill, I turn and I pounce on it. Success, my tummy full I head for the trees for protection and for rest...

Who am I you ask, why I am your regular Tawny Owl of course.

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