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Monday, 30 January 2012

The Young Man's Anger and the Chaffinch

I would like to share with you an experience I had while working with a young man in Spain while dealing with his anger issues.

Having completed a successful ‘Meet a Tree’ game which in it’s self is another story, a Chaffinch landed in the middle of the track about ten meters from us. The young man I was with looked at me and asked “Can I stalk it” my answer was of course yes.

He started to stalk the Chaffinch along the trail (see picture below). However, it only allowed him to get within twenty meters before flying off down the track and alighting in the middle of it again. He looked at me and again set off down the track to stalk the Chaffinch (a male), again the finch allowed him to only get within twenty meters before flying off down the track, only to land in the middle of it again.

Again he looked at me with a questioning kind of expression on his face. I said to him do you think something needs to change in order for you to get closer to it? He replied “maybe I need to change how I feel about this situation” I nodded in his direction and off he set again. This time I could see that his energy in fact his whole being had changed and guess what.

The Chaffinch this time let him get to within five meters before flying away altogether.

He looked surprised by what had taken place. I asked him “why do you think the bird let you get closer this time”? His answer was “because I changed how I felt about the situation”. I responded with “do you think that when you feel angry in the future and you are able to change how you FEEL your family and work colleagues will let you get to within five meters off them”?

His face said it all…

In this short version of what took place, is one reason why I love working with nature, she is a great and powerful teacher and all we have to do is be open to seeing the answers she is showing us about ourselves.

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