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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Asking Permission - Plant Meditation

What I tell you now is my truth and it may not be your truth, however I would like to ask you to keep an open mind, I ask you to trust and that you to take what you feel comfortable with and what you are not comfortable with just set it to one side, as with your beliefs, I ask that you also set these to one side for the purpose of reading this post, afterwards you can pick them up again.

Once while working with addicts, I ran a plant meditation session for which I was running late, so I ran into the garden to pick as many different plants as I could from Plantain through to Dandelion etc. Now normally I would ask the plant for permission to pick it, as I believe all things are individuals, for example no one tree is exactly the same just as with human beings, on this day I forgot to ask for permission.

After the guided part of the session was complete I asked each individual to share (if they wished) their experiences they had with the plant given to them.

As it happened on this occasion the first person to speak was immediately to my left (the feminine side) the first words spoken were “my plant is not happy that it has been killed” the next person in turn also said “yes my plant is p*%@#d off that it was pulled from the earth, surprise, surprise this theme continued for the next three people in turn, by which time I was getting the message.

“Stop I have a confession to make” I said.

I informed the group of the importance of asking permission before thinking or doing something, it is like if I came into your house or space without asking you, you would be very unhappy. I believe the plants were letting me know through the participants that I had not asked for their permission and instead of being annoyed with myself as I would have done in the past, I took this lesson and used it as a way of illustrating to the group how events can happen on an energetic level.

The sceptics present on that day found it hard to deny that five people in succession would be stating the same thing, and as such this raised many questions for them, which they attempted to seek the answers for what had happened from me. I encouraged them to process this for themselves before reaching out to others to give them the answers, which of course was only my truth; it was and is important that each person seeks their own truth.

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