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Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Lost Track Drill & Intuition Tracking

I have been teaching tracking for over ten years now and it still excites me, why? Quite simply each time I go out I discover something new which gives me ideas on how to move my work forward be it in tracking or in wilderness therapy.

The case in question while I was out in Sweden teaching Peter from VaraVild Bushcraft School I was able to take him a few steps further along in the exercises than I do on most courses, mainly because I was doing a 1-2-1 with him and he was already connected to nature from a nature awareness perspective.

On one occasion I was taking him through the lost track drill, however this time I decided to include an extra track which was hidden and required him to track it energetically. Before starting Peter placed his dowsing rod by the last definite sign (LDS), he wanted to try out his own experiment, which of course I was up for, because I knew it would provide me with some new learning for myself. Peter started off tracking using the spiral method for locating a lost track.

What was interesting for some reason he decided to step two metres away from the stick which marked the spot for the LDS. He moved off, and missed the lost track as he spiralled out he eventually paralleled the next lost track which was buried along with an item of mine to show that it was the track he was looking for. It is important to know that at the begging of the exercise Peter would need to tune into the LDS track to get a sense for who he is tracking, this was not needed as he had been working with me all week and therefore he had a good sense of my presence.

As he paralleled, he hesitated and I asked him what was going on for him, he replied he was getting a sense that it was close by, pointing in the direction he felt the track was. In fact he was spot on, but he still needed to locate it. I decided it was pointless to have him continue with the spiral as he would be on top of the track on the next pass. I asked him to investigate what his intuition was telling him. Taking a note of his tracks in case he had to return back to it, he moved off slowly towards the area he was drawn too.

Peter spent some time checking out the area and one occasion I had to ask him to move back because he was standing on top of the lost track. Earlier Peter had told me that in the case of dowsing when the two rods cross, people believe that, that is where they need to look for whatever they are searching for. In fact the spot they need to look at is where they are standing, because the energy is being transmitted through their bodies via their feet, so it was interesting to see that Peter was indeed standing on top of the track he was looking for.

A short while later Peter found the track and the item I had placed next to it, to help confirm that he had indeed found the lost track. What happened next was very interesting. Peter asked me if I would go to the LDS and show him in which direction his dowsing rod was pointing in. I returned to the LDS and picked up his rod, and keeping it in the same position he had placed it down at, amazingly it was pointing directly at him.

Now in my mind, here is another tool to explore with when tracking.

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