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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Thailand: The Blue Pitta

I found these to be funny little guys...

I went out at dusk to see if I could find some Blue Pitta's that I had glimpsed earlier in the day. It was coming up to late afternoon when they saw me coming around the head of the trail and they quickly ran off up the trail.

So, I decided to stalked slowly up to a tree on the next bend using it to screen myself from the Pitta's in the hope of getting a better view, and there they were waiting for me at the next bend, some 20 meters away.

Just as I showed my face from behind the tree, they ran off again.

This was repeated several times and always they were waiting for me at the next bend, I found it very amusing indeed and had fun playing this game with them, tough I am sure for them it was not a game or WAS IT.

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