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Saturday, 24 April 2010

It's the LAW...

In the early days of becoming aware of my spirituality I was working in a general hospital. One day I walked in on one of our patients a man of 61, he was crying. I made my apologies and went to leave when he called me back.

He shared his story with me, he had died on the operating table and he had an experience of the other side and now here he was experiencing feelings he had no reference too, feelings that left him wondering what was happening to him.

We spent some time together talking, and I shared with him how I understood things, as I left he thanked me, but I was giving myself a hard time. Who am I to give this elder my thoughts on what I think might be happening to him? What right do I have to do that? When, I barely understand myself about my own spirituality. In fact I was questioning my own judgement at that time.

I had gone into the sluice room, while these thoughts were running through my head, then I looked out of the window. Below parked up in a part of the hospital were no cars would have reason to park was a police car and on the roof was the following Got777.

In that moment I understood that what I had shared was OK. Why? Well the German word for GOD is spelt GOTT and 777 represents heaven and because it was on a police car this meant the law.

I felt that I was being told that it was OK to have shared with this elder in the way that I did.

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