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Thursday, 1 April 2010

Animal Tag a Stalking Game...

During the taster day up in London I asked a friend to engage in this game knowing that his level of awareness was extremely high, I felt this would help me to illustrate the game given that I had only a short amount of time left to show the group how it worked.

I took him out of the circle and my brief to him was that I wanted him to be in tunnel vision and to stalk the person in the middle, I told him to stare at this person and to send out the intention of making them his next meal. The person in the middle who was blindfolded was instructed to just respond to her feelings and act accordingly, I call this the raw state when working with others groups who do not have that level of awareness. As I move them through each stage of the game their level of awareness increases, this gives them a physical reference of the internal changes taking place within them.

What unfolded was interesting and opened my mind to other possibilities. The stalk began and I could see and sense that the fox, which was the role that I gave my friend to play was doing a great job of masking his intention while staring at her very intently, this level of awareness is something I would normally introduce much later in the game, with addicts for example.

His movements were very slow and purposeful, the woman in the middle who took on the role of a young deer was responding to his approach, she turned several times and on one occasion she was almost facing him. (I experience this quite a lot with people, even when they cannot hear the fox or wolf approaching they do sense it's approach and turn to face in that direction). Then she turned away from him and I thought, here we go she is about to bolt for it, as would usually happen, but no she stayed. The fox then very gently and slowly reached out and touched her, he was successful, he had made his kill.

When I spoke to my friend afterwards I wanted to ask him about his experience and to get a feel for were he was when in the role, it turns out that he found it very difficult to get into tunnel vision and that he had set up the hunt in the way he would normally do it, this gave me an insight into giving instructions to my fellow professionals. In many aboriginal cultures they ask for the spirit of the animal to give up it's life so that they might live and they believe that the spirit leaves the animal before the kill takes place and after the kill they then honour it, a good example of this can be seen in the BBC Life of Mammals series with the San Bushmen hunting down an Kudu.

It was now clear to me why the deer had responded in the way that she did, on a higher level she was aware of his intent and as in the wild she surrendered to his request and gave up her life so that he may live.

This was a fantastic example of what truly happens when we get into the spiritual aspect of our awareness, when we become one with Mother Earth and connect with Nature in such a way that we are not separate, but in actual fact we are all one.

While all this was going on the Zebra was conforming... (click picture to read more)

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