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Saturday, 24 July 2010

Letter from a Mother - What her Children had to Say

Having attended the Art of Mentoring week I was chatting with a friend about the week and the impact it had on us, she shared with me how her children were with her after she had returned home.

Hey Geoffrey

...My daughter started the morning after we all went back. We were sitting in the garden and I mentioned some bird I'd just heard. She started saying how she didn't notice stuff like that; that all through her education teachers had been trying to separate her from nature - by recalling her attention to some other task, saying "Stop dreaming out the window" or "Never mind that bird you're suppose to be doing PE".

Then she started on about some careers woman talking to her class and saying to them "You are the leaders of tomorrow. Its all down to you what happens next" etc. She looked round at them and thought "This lot, the leaders of tomorrow - what chance has the planet got now!" She said if a bee comes into the classroom half the girls shout "Quick, kill it" and the other half say "Ignore it, it doesn't matter". Nobody notices it for what it is and nobody cares about it.

A couple of days later she returned to this theme and said that she felt as though she led 2 lives - in one she was an ordinary kid at school, shopping, chatting etc and in the other she actually touched base with the earth (I think those are my words not hers) and had some kind of connection again.

Again this connection is fairly new to her consciousness having spent too long in organised religion.

My son, this morning (he's 10) sat on the bed and said "I think we need to think more like ancient man. They lived outside all the time so that's why we feel the need to be outside"...



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