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Thursday, 15 July 2010

Why do you want to be a Tracker?

When I was training to be a counsellor the first question they asked us was 'Why do you want to be a counsellor'? This is a very important question and it requires you to explore your reasons and you may be surprised at the answers you arrive at.

When you come to a track, who do you come as?

Do you come as a member of the search and rescue team, as police officer, as the mother who has lost her child, or as the tracker.

What's the investment you have in it?

Someone told me once that when they asked a group for search and rescue people why they were there, these were some of the replies given.

1) I like to give my dog problems to solve.
2) I like the challenge.

3) I want to help save people.

4) I do it for a sense of community with like minded people.

So, you can see there any many and varied reasons why we turn up at a track.

What's yours?

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