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Tuesday, 13 July 2010

Lion on the Hunt

A friend from Africa was telling me about his grandfather, who one day while cycling back to his village from visiting a friend in the next village, had become aware that he was being followed by a lion, he knew this because he could hear the pounding of paws in between the squeaking noises that his bike was making.

It knew that the lion was to the rear of him and on his left side, so he began to pick up speed in the hope of getting away from the lion. However, the lion stayed with him and in fact was getting closer.

Then came a moment were he could no longer hear the lions paw contacting the ground, at this point he instinctively threw himself from his bike to the right hand side and lifted his bike up in the air to protect himself, at which point the lions legs became lodged in the wheels of the bike and my friends grandfather made good his escape.

It seems the lion was using the squeaking noise from the bike to mask the noise it was making while stalking my friends grandfather.

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