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Alex Douglas-Kane shares her experiences and understanding of Discover Nature Awareness

Friday, 24 July 2009

Relationships in Nature.

How does Natural Awareness work? Natural Awareness as a medium motivates internal and external communication helping to promote confidence, self-esteem while creating a sense of trust in the ‘here and now,’ thus allowing individuals to connect with their hearts to a sense of place, encouraging participants to be honest and take responsibility for their actions, developing independence and creativity by, it helps individuals to see that they can achieve things in life they never thought possible, ultimately helping to restore self respect and belief in oneself while experiencing a spiritual-awakening in nature, i.e. healing oneself.

Who does Natural Awareness work for? Natural Awareness appears not separate between behaviours, people with or without an addiction; male or female; young or old - this is also true of addicts who are detoxing. I personally experienced one individual who took part in ‘Meet a Tree’ while detoxing, he found his tree. Some months later he returned with his wife, and introduced her to his tree. I believe he wanted her to share in his experience and by encouraging her to participate in the game, I felt he wanted to share in her journey also. As I watched the interaction between husband and wife unfold. I made some interesting observations.

She was reluctant to take part in the game in deed when she did eventually take part, on her return from trying to find her tree, she said that she could not find it, I observed that she was weary of whole situation, perhaps because see had seen her husband relapse some many times that perhaps she wondered what on earth is finding a tree going to do to help him into active recovery. Her experience told her to be cautious and perhaps rightly so, because she had seen it all before?

On the other hand he seemed very keen for her to share in his experience of finding his tree, perhaps he believed or hoped that this experience would or could help their relationship? He clearly felt the need for her to share in his experience, this I believe gives credence to the importance of a shared-journey, be it with their partners or with their peers to help achieve active-recovery.

And as with other addicts he referred to the tree that he found as his tree, for example when they would visit us they would ask me 'His is my tree'? suggesting a bonding between them and their tree, indeed the Great Prophets found spiritual renewal in Nature Moses and the Mountain, the Buddha and the forest and of course Jesus in the desert or even an Addict Meeting a Tree.

Nature can and does touch us on a very profound and deep level.

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