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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

The Dance of the Beautiful Hummingbirds

I was in Belize 1998 working as the logistics manager for Raleigh International. One day I was driving down the Hummingbird Highway to the south of Belize on trip to recover one of our boats which had broken down.

On route I decided to stop for a rest by a river and of course to get some birding in as well. I was sitting on the spare wheel of Landrover relaxing when I was privileged to witness two hummingbirds dancing with each other.

Dancing is the only way to describe what they were doing, later when I shared this experience with the others on my return. The only way I could explain what I the hummingbirds looked like (which still does not do them justice) is as follows.

Imagine if you will.

Diamonds, Ruby’s, Sapphire’s and Emeralds on wings, this is how these hummingbirds appeared to me in that moment, as they danced around me, just to be in the presence of these magnificent birds was truly a wonder I have never forgotten and never will.

This experience also gave raise to the Hummingbird Meditation that I sometimes use when working with groups.

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