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Saturday, 11 July 2009

Merlin and the young man's anger

Merlin often helps me with my sessions, because sometimes people do not want to, or cannot bring themselves to, or do not know how to tell you what is going on for them.

However they often can express themselves to Merlin.

I was once working with a young man who was feeling quite angry about something and on this occasion Merlin had become quite aggressive, this is something she does not normally do, certainly not around others.

I became aware that she was responding to the young man's feelings, so I decided to talk to him through Merlin. I asked her "Merlin what is going on for you, why are you so angry you are not normally like this." I got the young man to also engage on the same level and we were able to talk about anger through Merlin.

She played her part wonderfully.

That's the power of Nature, Merlin had sensed his anger and responded in a way that allowed me to work with him through her.

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