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Sunday, 7 February 2010

Energy Tracking Exercise

Student 1: "I know he would not try and deceive me, but you would Geoff" that's what he said when asked what did he sense during this exercise. This is an exercise were people are asked to tune into the energy of the track as well as the physical sign and the results often astounds people.

Student 2: "We were also, I hesitate to say taught, encouraged/released to be able to feel the emotion/feelings laid down in the track that you can’t yet see. It may sound like BS but the group got a 100% success rate, even when the suggested emotion/thought for the track was changed mid way through it being laid".

Student 3: "On a different level though, I think you know that a few of my buttons were pushed during the “Meet the Tree” and “Energy Tracking” exercises. That was quite unsettling, but in a wholly positive way".

This exercise allows people to see on a physical level how we can affect others on an energetic level and vice-versa, while challenging the way they see the world around them, opening them up to another world.

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