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Thursday, 18 February 2010

Dublin, have I been here before? An Awareness of a different kind...

I believe I discovered a part of myself that I never knew existed... I would ask that you keep an open mind as what I am about to tell you is my truth and may not be your truth.

Janine my daughter was working for Lufthansa in Dublin and I had gone over to see her on Easter weekend, I had not really given the time of year much thought and it was now my second visit to this fair city. Once I had settled in, Janine gave me as a gift an enlarged photo of me serving as a soldier in my home town Belfast. I was aware of some feelings stirring inside of me, feelings that I had not experienced before and that I had no reference to, what do I mean by that?

For example, if I said these feelings felt like butterflies in my stomach the vast majority of people would know what I was experiencing, and these feelings that I had no reference to left me confused as to what they meant.

Anyway, we decided to take a walk up the hill from where the post office is located, a parade was taking place there and I felt it would be good for Janine to have that experience, by the same token I encouraged her to visit Belfast to experience my culture as well, no right and no wrong here just an attempt at getting her to experience a part of Irish history if you will.

Jerry Adams was giving a speech that day outside the post office and we had planned to go and listen to it, I have to say I felt a resistance to do that, but none the less felt it would be good for Janine to experience that also. We were up the hill and a crowd had gathered a few speeches were made and the Proclamation of the Republic, also known as the 1916 Proclamation or Easter Proclamation was read out. At the end the crowed were joined by a small what I can only term as an honour guard of drums and flutes. They started their march down towards the post office with a drum roll which has to be said sounded amazingly like a sub machine gun being fired.

Soon after this I had to leave to catch my plane which meant there was no time left to go to the post office for Jerry Adams speech and so I left to go home.

I spent some time exploring these feelings I was having, still with no reference as to what they were, when it came to me, perhaps these feelings were from a past life experience which I believe to be true, in that I was one of the artillerymen on the streets that day. It is worth noting that in this life I served in the British Army as an Artilleryman. Since that realisation I have not had them feelings again, could it be that I was meant to return to Dublin for some kind of healing or resolution to take place?

Who knows...?

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