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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Men are from Mars - Your Cave Is Bigger Than Our Cave...

Several years ago I went up to island of Islay in Scotland with two addiction counsellors to meet up with Jeremy Hastings, we were there to recce the possibility of using an area on the island for a wilderness therapy programme for people with addictions.

Prior to this I had spent a week living in a cave with Jeremy (the cave is on the left of the top photo). This time we went only for a 24hr period, on arriving in our chosen area we assigned a cave to the counsellors to live in, and Jeremy and I stayed in a cave just across the way from them (see bottom photo). Both caves needed to be cleaned out as they were full of goat droppings, these goats had been left behind by the Vikings I believe.

The day was spent exploring the possibility's of a wilderness programme and it was felt that the counsellors would be the best judge on how addicts would respond to this programme. The next morning we were up early and I became aware of a change in the behaviour of our two addiction counsellors, their body language and energy had changed, quite how I was not sure at first.

As Jeremy and I prepared breakfast the other guys went off for a walk, some time later something caught my eye and I looked up, just over the rise to my front came the guys looking very much like they had something on their minds.

I said to Jeremy "check it out Jeremy look at their body language they look like something from the OK Coral " as they got closer to us it was clear something was not right. They stopped just in front of us, and looking down at us they said "your cave is bigger than our cave" Jeremy and I both smiled and I said "bloody hell guys you have only been here less than 24hrs and already you want to start a war over you has the biggest cave".

We had to laugh...

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