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Monday, 29 March 2010

The Little Seeds Lay Sleeping in the Earth Dreaming of becoming big oak trees one day...

In late Autumn, the cold winds begin to blow telling all the plants to send their root children back to bed under ground to sleep until the winter is past. The golden sunlight dries the seed babies and prepares them for their journeys. Some of the seed babies are found by the animals and eaten or stored away for the cold winter months, but not all of them.

The gnomes (spirits of the Earth, rocks and minerals) go out to collect the seed babies to take them underground and put them to bed under blankets of leaves. The seed babies must sleep all winter long and not wake too soon so Mother Earth sings to them, many songs. Here is one of them that is especially good during the bleakest depths of Winter.

"Cradled cosily, cradled deep. Deep in the Earth, baby seeds sleep.
Light we shine on you, light divine. Seeds in the Earth twinkle and shine.
When the Spring sun comes to the sky, it will warm the dark Earth and bid you arise.
Mmm mmm, mmm mmm"

Nicky Gould

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