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Friday, 5 March 2010

Two Trees

I had a first this week.

During the Taster Day one of the group took his blindfolded partner to two trees during the Meet a Tree activity. On their return I asked the blindfolded person to remain blindfolded and I asked her to locate the tree she was most drawn to out of the two she was taken to. She set off and actually went to both of the trees she had been introduced to by her partner, both trees are seen here in the photo.

When I asked what she had experienced she said the that the tree she is standing by in the photo, felt like it was a female and that she felt safe with this tree and the other in the foreground of the photo was more like a male which had suffered during it's life.

This is why I love this work, there are so many things to experience and understand and to be a part of, it's the shared journey that all us including the trees are on it, how can we be separate when you encounter so many miracles.

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