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Monday, 8 March 2010

I am just a Zebra conforming

During the taster day that I held in London just a few days ago something came to light that I found very interesting indeed and I shall now be keeping my eyes open for it in future, well at least the energy behind someones behaviour.

It was during the game Animal Tag, I had someone sat in the middle of the circle that the group had formed, she was blindfolded and had taken on the role of a young deer, The hunter was a friend of mine he was tasked with staking the deer in tunnel vision with the intent to catch his prey so that he could feed his cubs, he was playing the role of a fox.

While the game is being played I always watch for the reactions of the people in the circle, their responses may present me with something to work with in terms of carrying out an intervention. While the fox was stalking its prey the intensity of his focus was very strong, so much so that one member of the group in the circle felt that intensity and he felt that he needed to react to it. However, his body language then change he seemed to relax and he started to look around his environment, even putting his head back to look up at the sky.

During a normal session I would normally ask what was going for that person in that moment. However, on this occasion he offered up the information and what he had to say was very interesting indeed. He said that when he felt the intensity that the fox was sending out, he just wanted to respond to it by taking off. However, just like a zebra on the plains of Africa, once he had realised that he was not the prey and that the lion (fox) was after different animal he relaxed just as a herd of zebras would do in the wild. He said that because he felt that he was in any danger, that he did not need to respond and that he could just relax and watch what happens and was quite happy to just watch the fox make its kill.

How can I relate this to someones addiction? Who knows but I shall be looking out for it in future and I am open to see where it takes me and the group.

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