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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Mum and Dad were not Happy

Whilst out on a bimble one day during my second tour of the Falkland Islands my friend and I stopped to take in the scenery which was quite breathe taking. Almost immediately we became aware that a Skua which was close by was not very happy.

Out of curiosity I approached the Skua to find out what was going, suddenly he flew straight at (my mate was filming all this at the time) causing me to back up, the next thing I knew, he landed on my back. He did this several times until he had forced me to move some distance away from the original spot, then he flew off to this spot.

As we moved around giving them a wide berth, then saw another Skua and then we glimpsed several chicks. In that moment we then completely understood why I had been attacked. They were of course protecting their young.

Nice one... I would of course have done the same.

Photo: Geoffrey McMullan as he was backing away from the attacking Skua.

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