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Sunday, 27 June 2010

Urban and Rural Tracking & Detecting movement that is no longer there.

As a young soldier on patrol in Belfast in the 70's we had to watch out for animals of a different nature. Once while on patrol we observed in one street that the door knockers were all horses' heads, except for one which was a dogs head...

Every day you pass by Mrs Smith's house you notice that she has two bottles of gold top milk on her door step, then one day as you pass you notice two gold and three red top...

Chances were these houses were being used as either a safe house, bomb factory or training house?

Then one day I am in the countryside as part of a cordon while a search team goes into a derelict building to look for a weapons cache, as I moved around the wooded area I spotted a small plastic doll nailed to a tree pointing in the direction of a large lone tree sitting on a hill top which was indicting in the direction of three trees.

Could this be were the weapons are really hidden? Having an awareness can inform you of concentric rings that are not necessarily moving in the moment but have left tracks for you to follow after the event.

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