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Friday, 4 June 2010

Tracking Awareness

Hi Geoffrey

Thanks very much for that tracking booklet it is a real gem of information that will help me get started on the road to tracking! Okay, last night I was thinking about the course, in fact have been thinking about it a lot since then!…

“I enjoyed the tracking course very much, and the name of Lifting the Veil for the course is an apt description as it certainly opened up my eyes to the amazing and ancient art of tracking. I found your teaching style laid back, easy to follow and very informative. The informal atmosphere of camping, cooking our own meals around a common camp fire was great as it gave everyone the opportunity to get to know each other.

The Forrest was a great place to test our tracking skills, but one of the most amazing experiences was the getting to know a tree experience. I could well relate to this on the “spiritual” side of tracking while it may seem alien to people from the West, however, it is a common aspect of life here in Africa, and it really sharpened my senses. I also think that this exercise was the perfect example of actually becoming whatever it is you are tracking – getting into their mind, which is probably the difference between an average tracker and excellent tracker. I look forward to applying these new found skills in the future, and attending your more advanced course.”

Shane Engelbrecht
South Africa

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