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Saturday, 28 August 2010

Letter from Amercia... Concentric Rings

"Do you have more on this?

I went to a nature awareness school for a survival skills class in the Blue Ridge Mountains several years ago and the leader told us to have a "sit" in the woods and use soft vision instead of tunnel vision and I had some interesting things happen like a dove came to sit with me for quite a long time. It flew down to get a drink of water. I thought it would immediately fly away when it was finished drinking but it stayed for a long time.

At one point I saw some magenta lights and another moment I felt like something or someone was about to walk into my field of vision and it scared me so I ended the soft vision abruptly. If I remember correctly all of that happened the first time I tried that assignment.

Also, more than once, in various locations during my week long stay there, I saw concentric circles in the woods when I used this soft vision. It's hard to describe what I really saw but it's like I saw a pattern of clear concentric circles blended in with the trees? The leader never really said what this exercise was all about and I've been curious about what all happened. If you have anything you feel moved to share with me that is related, I'd be open and interested to check it out.

By the way, I met you last year in Boulder, CO at the pre-conference for the Wilderness Therapy Symposium. I hope things are going well for you over there in the UK. Do I have your permission to share your insight on my profile? I will give you credit...

There were lots of interesting things to read about and reflect on concerning the concentric rings. I will be checking out your blog more often."

Julia Z


Survival Skills said...

Very, very cool. How did you find out about the survival skills course? I would love to take something similar, and I'm not far from the Blue Ridge area.

Anonymous said...

The school is called Nature Awareness School and the leader learned a lot from Tom Brown in NJ. I'm sure you have heard of him if you are into this type of thing.

Pathfinder said...

It's called The Tracker School ~ Tom Brown Jr