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Sunday, 8 August 2010

I see no chickens - Belize to Tikal Guatemala and back

After living in Belize for five months while working for Raleigh International, I decided that I would take off to Guatemala to visit Tikal. What an amazing place apart from all the fantastic bird life the temples were just awesome. I climbed one which was quite steep and once at the top you had a wonderful view out over the top of the jungle canopy which was periodically broken by other pyramids reaching up to the sky.

It's well worth a visit if you are in the region.

On my return I caught the local bus into the nearest town, I had always wanted to travel that way, you know a bus packed with people, chickens and goats sat next to you etc. Well as I sat with my feet on some sacks I was disappointed to find there were no chickens or goats on my bus, that is until the bus stopped and I went to get off the bus, the sacks I had rested my feet on suddenly moved and you guessed it, chickens, they were full of chickens, which made me jump as I had not expected the sacks to move.

After I got off and the bus had left, I suddenly realised that I had left my Snowy River Hat (Australian) on the bus, a very expensive hat at that. I consoled myself with the thought that whoever finds it has got themselves a really cool hat or if they sale it, the money from the sale will feed their family for some months to come.

I like to think that they ate well.


Paddy said...

like your site - good people should rule the world

Unfortunately those who seek power shouldn't

Pathfinder said...

Thanks for your feedback Paddy.