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Monday, 9 August 2010

I have no idea how a rabbit behaves...

I introduced a player into the game as a fox who was not blindfolded. The fox had to stalk someone who was playing the role of a young rabbit, after I had briefed the woman playing the role of a rabbit, she said to me. I have no idea how a rabbit behaves.

The fox began its stalk the young rabbit slowly moving with intent towards it, the woman was behaving exactly like a rabbit does, she moved in the same way even sat the same way.

We watched as the mother (who was blindfolded) put herself between the young rabbit who was also blindfolded and the fox who continued to push home its stalk by changing direction and regardless of the direction the fox went in, the mother continually put herself between her young and the fox.

The mother could not hear the fox as the person playing the fox was on all fours and moving very slowly and with intent. The young rabbit at this point moved to place herself behind the mother as if she could actually see where the mother was standing, which she could not have known as there was very little movement and noise taking place.

This was truly a moment to enjoy the relationship formed between two people playing the part on of mother and child as animals was amazing. The idea behind this part of the game was to observe how the prey and the mother responded to the danger presented by the fox.

Very well it would seem.

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