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Alex Douglas-Kane shares her experiences and understanding of Discover Nature Awareness

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Natural Awareness – Bombarded by talking about feelings…

This person felt that Natural Awareness was a load of rubbish but considered it to be fun to go and do (this is how Natural Awareness is viewed by many prior to taking part and of course they are right about the fun bit I mean), if only to get out of groups for a while, so that she did not have to deal with her feelings. Overall she felt that her expectations had been hugely surpassed.

“I feel bombarded by talking about feelings, looking forward to a bit of play time.

I got more than I expected it made me realise how much of ourselves and our brain we don’t use, it helped me to find my Higher Power. Wonderful experiences which taught me more about human behaviour and feelings than I ever expected. I was astounded by the insights and the unused areas of our selves.

I was amazed by the power of feeling, I loved having my own tree to talk to, and it made me appreciate nature in an indescribable spiritual way. When I played Animal Tag I became aware of the senses we never use but are clearly there, whether we are aware of using them or not. I enjoyed the Plant Meditation but I did not quite get as much out of it and the Drum Stalk was a really refreshing change from day to day activity. I was surprised, I felt a happiness that was untapped by any other aspect of the programme”.

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