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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Natural Awareness - Drum Stalk and the Junxtapostion...

This what David had to say about the Drum Stalk while trying to get into Active Recovery.


Removed from my natural location, I feel lost and disorientated. I miss chaos, noise, the sights and smells of our 21st century world. I crave lights and music. I want my eyes to be blinded by the dazzling array of experience the city offers.

This has now happened. I stand alone, listening, learning, no sight. I hear the wind through the trees, birds communicating. I feel the earth beneath my feet, feel nature all around me. Blind and surrounded by trees, I walk forward, listening for the heartbeat of the wood. It beats once a minute. I stand and concentrate, allowing myself to be drawn into its rhythm. I walk forward, eyeless but confident that no harm will come.

A primal instinct kicks in, if there is danger, I stop and cautiously examine my surroundings. satisfied, I continue to feel the heartbeat, sensing it through the air, the earth and my heart. I continue to walk forward, trusting and with no fear. I will come to no harm. This world protects me, calms me and I open my eyes. It is time to discover my natural location.

David B

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