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Alex Douglas-Kane shares her experiences and understanding of Discover Nature Awareness

Saturday, 12 February 2011

While Natural Awareness compliments other models... is not a stand-alone intervention, and requires a structured therapeutic-programme.

However according to (Ward, 2007; Mortensen, 2006; & Dorell, 2006) it has demonstrated its potential as a therapeutic-intervention. Dorell, (2006) a consultant psychiatrist stated that Natural Awareness was, “able to create the bridge that we were unable to create… enabling them to respond to more traditional treatment methods”. Another counsellor had the following to say. “It works on the spiritual side of the disease, which is hard to deliver to the patients… Natural Awareness workshops have been of great help to the treatment team it has helped us to explore areas that we would never have got by conventional therapies” (Mortensen, 2006). While Ward, (2007) an independent counsellor, referring to her client who had taken part in Natural Awareness, stated that it was an “Integral part of her recovery… which focused on the here and now”.

And more recently Saligari (2010) stated that "We were absolutely thrilled with the work that our clients had achieved over the weekend... and have incorporated a Natural Awareness weekend experience into our treatment programme on a regular basis".

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