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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Lifting the Veil & Bird Language

Below is a letter from a friend who attended one of my tracking courses, I felt it would be good to share with you how much he got from it. He talks about about a lots of powerful things like being in the moment and emptying the mind, understanding what the birds and nature are telling us.

Hi Geoffrey,

"Lifting the Veil delivered everything I wanted and more! A radical paradigm shift from what I thought tracking was all about and also an experience at a deeply personal level. Thank you for your patient instruction and for showing me what's possible."

One of the learning's I got from Lifting the Veil (tracking course) was being aware of birds. Bird behaviour, birdsong, calls, alarms. I can see how much information there is available to us if we choose to become aware of it. So have been trying to learn about birds and have started taking pictures as a way to learn about them and have been really enjoying it.

Checking in with peripheral vision has helped loads, for example: when sitting in hides looking for warblers in reeds. Just sit, relax, let my focus drift out a bit be aware of everything in visual field at the same time. Anything that moves I'm straight on it much quicker than I would have previously.

I practice trying to maintain peripheral vision, peripheral hearing and peripheral feeling at the same time. It's so intense! Such a high level of awareness it takes it out of me! You feel right "in the zone" though, an altered state of consciousness. I can't think in this state, just being, and it's great for grounding in the present, as in no future, no past, just the here and now. So when I need time out and to escape the daily grind it's a great place to go to.

I'm working weekends at the moment but when I sort my life out and get some free time... I'll book in again. I'm keen to learn more.

I've told one of my mentor about you, a lady called Emma Lane, one of her clients was interested in learning tracking and nature awareness...

Your book looks awesome by the way. Well done for getting your creative juices flowing, I appreciate it takes a lot of time and effort to put something like that together. I've put it on my wish list of books to get...

If you're ever up in London... give me a shout. You're always welcome.

Kind regards


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