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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Tracking - Telling a Story

During the tracking course I was running this weekend, we were working up in the sand dunes at Braunton Burrows. I had set up a sandbox exercise to see if we could pick up on peoples intentions laid in their tracks.

We later decided to tell a story instead of just placing an intention into a track. It turned out to be an interesting exercise, twice I placed a story into the sandbox which consisted of the beginning, a middle and an end, it was a very short story there were just seven tracks laid in the sandbox, which had been covered up afterwards so that Felim would have no real idea which way I had moved in the sandbox.

I asked him to find track number seven in the sandbox, while Felim was trying to locate the track without being able to see the tracks I wondered if he would pick up on the part of the story that gave me the most fun which was the middle part of the story. What followed next was very interesting Felim did indeed pick up on the middle track.

He also picked up on the important track in the second story as well, in each case it was the part of the story with the strongest intention. I realised that I could now take this exercise to another level and I am looking forward exploring the possibilities of moving this exercise to new levels.

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